Wedding Questions & Answers

Gretna green Wedding Questions

Wedding questions which are regularly asked of our wedding planners.

Every bride and groom we speak to have questions regarding their wedding at The Mill Forge. Whether they want to know the difference between a civil and a religious wedding ceremony, availability for their wedding or more information regarding their wedding reception.

Some of the more frequently asked wedding questions are included below along with their answers.

Wedding Questions & Answers

1) How quickly can we get married in Gretna Green?
The legal paperwork must be sent to Gretna Registry Office at least 29 clear days before the wedding. More information can be found on our Legal Paperwork page.

2) Do we have to stay in or near Gretna Green before our wedding?
No you can arrive in Gretna Green on the day of your wedding.

3) What legal paperwork do we have to fill in to get married in Gretna Green?
The M10 Marriage Notice Forms and other relevant documents and payment for the Registrar / Registration Fee must be with Gretna Registration Office at least 29 clear days before the wedding. The M10 forms can be downloaded from the Registration Office website or obtained by telephoning the Registration Office on 01461 337648.
The Gretna Registration Office will advise you on all aspects of the legal paperwork required for your Gretna Green wedding.

4) What is the difference between a Civil Wedding Ceremony and a Religious Wedding Ceremony?
The Religious Ceremony is a shortened church service performed by a local minister, whereas the Civil Ceremony is conducted by a licensed Registrar and is similar to the one you may experience in your local registration office.

5) One or both of us has been divorced. Can we still have a religious ceremony?
Yes you have exactly the same options as people who have never previously been married.

6) How soon should we book our wedding?
We always advise you to book sooner rather than later to secure the date and time of your choice.

7) Can we visit you for a look around and to speak with a wedding planner?
You are always welcome to come and visit us. We will show you around and answer any questions you may have.

8) How much deposit do we have to pay and when?
Each of our packages requires a deposit. These are all detailed on the pages for each package. We also ask for £20 per room per night for your guests' accommodation and £5 per person for the wedding reception. (These deposits are required within 10 days of a provisional booking being made)
The balance of our wedding packages is due 3 months before the date fo the ceremony.
The balance of the wedding reception meal, wines etc are due no later than 3 weeks before the date of your wedding ceremony.
Your accommodation can be paid for upon check-in.

9) One or neither of us was born in the UK. Can we still be married in Gretna Green?
Yes of course you can. Couples from all over the world have been married in The Mill Forge. Contact the Gretna Registration Office on 01461 337648 for advice on the legal paperwork required.
If either of you do not understand spoken English, then you will need to hire an interpreter.

10) Can my son / daughter act as a witness at our wedding ceremony?
Yes they can act as a witness as long as they are at least 16 years of age.

11) We are not having any guests. What do we do for witnesses?
We are happy to provide witnesses if required. There is no charge for this service.

12) How many people does The Mill Forge hold?
There is seating for 40 along with standing room for a further 30.

Contact a wedding planner on 01461 800344 if you have any further questions on planning your wedding at The Mill Forge.