Elopement Weddings

While some brides and grooms crave elaborate weddings that take years to plan and execute, some engaged couples crave an intimate, romantic affair. Elopement weddings are the perfect way to ditch the stress, expense, and pressure that comes with planning a large wedding and instead puts the focus back on the love you and your partner share.

Run away with your partner to The Mill Forge Hotel

At The Mill Forge Hotel, we are ideally located close to Gretna Green so our elopement weddings are truly touched by the romance and history of the area. We're also far enough away from busy tourist areas that weddings hosted at our hotel can benefit from a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere.
Whether you crave the excitement of an elopement Gretna Green based (think Lydia and Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice) or you simply want to marry your finance without years of planning and financial strain, we can accommodate your every need.

Packages for elopement weddings

Elopement weddings at The Mill Forge Hotel: which package is right for me?

To book a package, enquire about pricing or discuss your needs, get in touch with our team today.