Gretna Green Wedding Planning

Gretna Green Wedding Planning Guide

Planning your wedding and not sure where to start? Follow our easy to use guide to book your wedding, the stress free way!

This is the way we recommend you book your wedding at The Mill Forge. You can also book online although we do advise you to contact a wedding planner on 01461 800344 to discuss availability first.

Guide to Planning your Gretna Green Wedding

  • Contact a wedding planner on 01461 800344 to discuss availability and any other queries you may have.
  • Make a provisional booking.
  • Confirm the provisional booking, either by sending us the booking forms by post with the necessary deposits within 10 days
  • Please indicate on the booking form if you would like us to book other services, such as a wedding photographer or a Scottish wedding piper for you.
  • Send your M10 Marriage Notice Forms to Gretna Registry Office no sooner than three months and no later than 29 clear days before the date of your wedding.
  • We will contact you by letter six to eight weeks before your wedding with an event reminder asking for final details of your wedding reception.
  • Return the completed form to us along with the necessary payment, no later than three weeks before your wedding date.
  • Arrive at The Mill Forge and let us take care of you.