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Why Get married at Gretna Green

There are lots of reasons why couples may choose Gretna Green or the surrounding area as their wedding venue. This page is here to showcase the reasons why you should get married at Gretna Green

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Why to Get Married at Gretna Green

There are many different venues within or near to Gretna Green where you can get married

Because you're travelling away from home, it's much easier trim the number of guests to those you really want at the wedding without causing offence. eg, no cousins

You don't have to feed and water those family members you don't like and only see at other family occasions

You can keep the costs down by only having a small group of family and close friends

Your wedding will be unique among your friends instead of just another wedding at (Insert local venue)

You just want the day to be about the two of you

Eloping is a lot less stressful than planning a big wedding at home

You can easily leave behind those guests who you suspect may spoil your day with their behaviour

Gretna Green is steeped in history and romance and is the wedding capital of Europe and is therefore filled with professional wedding service providers

Many of your local venues don't cater for smaller parties

Wedding Ceremony

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Function rooms that are ideal for wedding parties large or small