Who Cares about the Weather

Whatever time of year you plan your wedding for, there is one thing that you cannot control.The Great British weather!!

You may get washed out in Summer, scorched in Spring or blown away through Autumn and Winter. You can be soaked, sunburnt or windswept yet nothing that the weather can do will be able to spoil your special day.

Typically British weather can see a dramatic change in the weather over a short space of time. One minute it can be throwing it down and suddenly the clouds will disappear and the sun will come out.

But whatever the weather may be on your special day there is only one thing certain. There is nothing you can do about it except grab that brolly, apply that sun cream or even make sure you don't slip in the snow.

If you have a grey sky instead of a blue one then that may be a good thing especially in winter. A bright blue sky means people either squinting into the sun for photographs or being backlit. Shadows can also pose a problem for your photographer so cross those fingers and hope it stays dry above all else.