Truly Spectacular Shoes!!!

Over the years, we believe we have just about seen everything - from themed weddings in fancy dress, to those weird and wonderful ideas that make a wedding so memorable.
We were delighted recently when one of our lovely brides customised her own wedding shoes by using a decoupage technique to transfer images onto a pair of stilettos. It was incredible just how much detail she managed to get onto her shoes - from the Gretna Green sign, to a bouquet of flowers and the Anvil. Even the popular Gretna Piper, Pipe Major Craig Irving made an appearance. Craig is already the subject of postcards, fridge magnets and paperweights, however I don't think he has ever been seen on a pair of ladies shoes!
I'm sure you will agree by the photograph that these shoes do not deserved to be disgarded in a box to the bottom of the wardrobe - they are a unique lasting memory and although they may never be worn again, I hope they find it onto a spare shelf to be displayed and viewed on a regular basis, as they are certainly one of a kind.
Thankyou to Colin Carpenter, Gretna Green Photographer for kindly supplying the image