Top Tips for Every Couple Planning a Wedding

Below are listed some tips to make planning your wedding that bit less stressful

  • It's your day. Don't let anyone persuade you into having what they want or had at their wedding if you do not want it for yours.

  • Work out your budget and take care to stick to it. You don't want to start married life in debt or arguing over money after lavishing every penny on your wedding day.

  • Before beginning planning your wedding find out what contributions to your wedding fund you can rely on from your own savings and your parents.

  • Make sure you know when each service provider requires payment or deposits to eliminate untimely surprises.

  • Take time to listen to other people's advice. This makes them feel respected and valued. Just because they suggested it, doesn't mean you have to do it. You may well uncover a gem or two from friends and family.

  • Take out wedding insurance. You can get up to £10,000 of cover for as little as £50. You never know what is round the corner and this way you can recoup the money you have laid out in the event of having to cancel or postpone your wedding for whatever reason.

  • Keep detailed records / receipts of any payments made to various wedding suppliers.

  • Read your suppliers' Terms and Conditions carefully before signing. You never know what hidden clauses there may be.

  • You only need the bride, groom and 2 witnesses to be married. Anything other than that is optional including cars, rings, guests and even wedding dresses.

  • Be realistic. If your entire wedding budget is £500, don't expect to get married at Westminster Abbey and have a garden party for 300 guests afterwards. If you plan within your means, it will be much easier to stick to your budget, which in turn will make the planning less stressful.

  • Use friends and family where possible. You may have an aunt or grandmother who will bake your wedding cake for free rather than give a wedding present. An uncle with a posh car can save you a fortune on hiring wedding cars or a good friend who is an excellent photographer may be delighted to step forward.

  • Beware using friends and family if they are not terribly reliable. If they are not getting paid then they can be more likely to let you down or provide a poor service. Use only those you really trust.

  • Don't be nervous about anything. The wedding is something you want to do, so kick back and enjoy it.

  • On your wedding day, stay calm and try to observe as much as possible. All of your married friends will tell you, their wedding day passed in a blur and they can't all be wrong.

  • Book as many suppliers as you can once you have booked your wedding ceremony venue. The sooner you book suppliers the more choice you have. If you try and book a photographer three days before your wedding, you will only be able to get the photographers nobody else wanted. This applies to all wedding service providers.

  • Select your attendants such as bridesmaids, best man, flower girls and page boys as soon as possible and involve them in the planning where appropriate.

  • Contact all suppliers one week before your wedding to make sure that they all have your booking and any details of special requirements.

  • Enjoy your day. It is your wedding after all.