The Dreaded Speech

The speeches after a wedding meal are an important part of the celebrations.
The bride's father will welcome the groom into his family and talk about his daughter, the groom will reply on behalf of himself and his wife, thank the guests for coming and the bridesmaid's and best man for their help. The best man is tasked with thanking the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids. He will also read out some of the cards, emails and telegrams received. The best man will also talk about the groom and may well share a few embarrassing stories.
Speakers are generally nervous about delivering their speech. Here at The Mill Forge we hear short, long, funny and touching speeches on a daily basis. Some speakers are overcome with emotion while others have everyone in fits of laughter.
A few helpful tips to delivering a great speech are
When writing the speech, avoid tongue twisters and hard to pronounce words. Why make things hard for yourself?
Rehearse, practice and fine tune your speech beforehand to make sure you are familiar with every word.
The internet has many sites offering wedding jokes and pieces to insert into a speech but remember to personalise your speech.
Don't get drunk trying to chase those nerves away.
Relax and enjoy the speech. If you look as if you're enjoying yourself then your audience will enjoy your speech.