Mr and Mrs Sinnott

Our latest Blog features The Wedding of Sarah Baldam & Anthony Sinnott - 15th August 2009. Many thanks to Sarah and Anthony for sharing this.
When and where did you first meet?
We first met in a bar in Middlesbrough in November 2006, but once we got chatting we found we had quite a few mutual friends and had previously met!
Where did you go on your first date?
Our first date was the day after we met, we went for a meal and then to a fireworks display as it was the 5th November.
How did he propose?
We had planned a romantic meal in a lovely Italian restaurant for the anniversary of our first date. As the taxi pulled up to take us there, Anthony made an excuse about forgetting something and went back into our flat. I sat in the taxi complaining to the driver about it being an excuse to do his hair! As the night came to an end we headed home and as I walked into the living room I saw it was full of flowers! Anthony got down on one knee and popped the question! He had the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and it was the right size too!
How did you first hear about the Mill Forge?
We had decided we wanted to get married somewhere different and began looking on the internet. We knew we wanted it to be in Scotland (Anthony has many fond memories of childhood holidays!) and came across the Mill Forge website.
How did you book?
Anthony booked our wedding over the phone as I was recovering from an operation. When I woke up it was all booked and sorted! We visited the Mill Forge at the new year, 8 months before the wedding and fell in love with it! It was just perfect.
How many wedding dresses did you try on before buying your dress?
Only 1! I went dress shopping with my parents and as soon as they saw me in it, my dad paid for it immediately.
What other services did you book?
We booked Craig Irving as our piper. Our cake came from a local Gretna bakery and our photographer was based in Gretna too. All of these services were booked through the advice of the wedding planners at the Mill Forge.
Any surprises on the day?
Anthony sent me a bespoke, handmade tiara on the morning of our wedding. I sent Anthony a silver pocket watch.
What was the weather like?
It was awful! It was torrential rain all morning. Our wedding was booked for 2.30 pm and Anthony's dad was adamant it would fine! By 2pm, the sun was out and there was no sign of the downpour. Looking at our photographs you would never know that it had been raining.
Did you have any special songs/music on the day?
Craig Irving was our piper. I entered the Forge to Highland Cathedral.
Our first dance was Every Thug Needs a Lady by our favourite band Alkaline Trio.
Anthony had also made me a special compilation CD of songs that have special meaning to us for me to listen to as I got ready.

Did you have a honeymoon?
We had a wonderful few days in Barcelona.
Did you do anything special for your 1st anniversary??
We spent our first wedding anniversary at the Edinburgh Festival and called in at the Mill on our way back home to York.
In one sentence, please sum up your wedding day here at the Mill Forge.
Simply perfect, we wouldn't change a thing.