Loves Young Dream !!!

A lovely romantic wedding was held in The Mill Forge. The bride and groom had 'run away' to Gretna Green without telling anyone -- Nothing unusual. - This couple were over the age of 16 - of course I could not tell you how old they are - but I am sure they would not mind if I mentioned that the bride was born in 1925 and the groom in 1932!
Both widowed, they decided after knowing each other for over 30 years that Gretna Green was the place for them.
Our wedding co-ordinator Andrea and wedding photographer Paul Taylor had the honour of being witnesses to make the wedding party complete.
Pipe Major Craig Irving was a surprise for the bride who was delighted and heard to declare, "I love the piper" and rewarded him with a kiss!
It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of their day.
Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mr & Mrs Chapman from everyone at The Mill.