How to tie a cravat

For those of you who may not need to wear a morning suit or a kilt on a regular basis, we though you might appreciate a bit of advice about how to tie a cravat...

  • Place the tie around your neck.

  • Make sure the wider ends are in the front.

  • The right side should be one inch longer than the left side.

  • This will allow you to create the knot at the top.

  • Take the long side and cross it over the short side.

  • Then take the long side and wrap it once around the short side from underneath.

  • Take the long side and go through the loop that's around your neck.

  • If you don't want the knot to show, simply drape the long side over the short side and use a tie pin to hold the cravat in place.

This look is used for casual weddings or less formal events.
To finish the cravat, bring the long side through the pocket you've created around the short side as you would when tying a business tie. Use a tie pin to keep the cravat in place. This look is used for formal weddings and other formal events.
Make any last minute adjustments to ensure that the knot is straight before pinning it in place. If you don't have a tie pin, a corsage pin will also do the trick.
(Alternatively - you could always ask your friendly wedding coordinator to do it for you!)