Building The Mill Forge

Originally built as a grain mill the farm buildings were built circa 1740 and the farmhouse was constructed in 1862. In 1988 the Smith family bought the premises as a disused farm and set about converting the farmhouse into a family home. The next stage was to demolish some of the out buildings to build the first of our ensuite accommodation which opened in 1990.

The Mill Forge History
Next on the agenda was the conversion of the grain mill to form a restaurant and bar which opened in 1993.

In 1996 demand for accommodation in Gretna Green prompted the opening of a further 15 rooms. 1997 saw the construction of the conservatory bar and as more and more couples were choosing The Mill Forge as their Gretna Green wedding reception venue, it was decided to build 3 more chalets and our very own wedding ceremony venue which opened in 1999.

The very first civil wedding ceremony in Scotland was held at The Mill Forge in 2002 after the law changed allowing registrars to conduct weddings out-with registry offices.

In January 2002 an extension to the conservatory bar was added along with extra kitchen space. 2004 saw the opening of our new Gretna Green bridal suites.

A new Reception office and shop was added in 2006 and with the latest addition to the gardens and grounds being a children's play area which was first opened in October 2007.