Arranging Your Wedding Cake

Check out these top tips to help you arrange your wedding cake.

  • If you are fortunate enough to know someone who can bake you a wedding cake take advantage of this and either have the cake made for a small fee or ask them to provide a cake in lieu of a wedding present.

  • Don't just stick to a fruit cake because of tradition. If you want a tier made of chocolate sponge instead, go for it.

  • Supermarkets often sell celebration cakes at a fraction of the price which bakers charge. All you have to do then is get a cake topper or sugarcraft flowers to complete the cake.

  • Make sure that either your venue or cake supplier provides a cake stand and brides knife for cutting the cake.

  • Have as small or as large a cake as you want. Some brides only want one tier while others cannot imagine a wedding cake without at least five tiers.

  • Entertain other ideas for a wedding cake. You do not have to have a traditional wedding cake you could have a croquembouche or a number of cup cakes.

  • If possible keep some of the cakes for those who could not attend the wedding or were not on the guest list.

  • If you are being married away from home then ask your cake provider's advice on transporting the cake safely and ensure that the cake is not crushed or tipped over in transit.

  • If your cake is heavily decorated with sugar icing flowers or designs, get your baker to make a couple of spares as accidents do happen and having substitutes will remove any stress that damage to the cake may cause.

  • Be aware that some of your guests may have a nut allergy. So enquire as to the ingredients in your wedding cake and forewarn the guests that your cake may contain nuts.

Hopefully these tips will help you arrange your wedding cake. Any feel free to comment with any other tips you have.