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Dec 2012

A Very Merry Christmas

The staff at The Mill Forge would like to wish all our customers, past present and future a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We're thinking of you at Christmas time,
Sending this cordial Christmas rhyme,
With our very best wishes and heartfelt good cheer;
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May you all receive you desire for Christmas, and some Alka Seltzer and Aspirin for New Year.

Best wishes from all at The Mill Forge.


Dec 2012

Winter Weddings

Winter weather has now firmly set in and all we can hope for is that there isn't too much more rain.

Yet when the temperature drops there can be some stunning backdrops in our gardens as the dew freezes to create a hoar frost.

Alternatively there may be a drop or two of snow which can also enhance the scenery for your wedding photographs.

Don't worry though, the frost or snow has never been so bad that weddings couldn't take place.


Dec 2012

All the Twelves

Special dates are always popular at The Mill Forge and today's date is no different. 12/12/12 is also the last time until the 1st of January 2101 that the date will run the same.

Today in Gretna Green there are fifty-one weddings taking place, six of which are at The Mill Forge.

Over the last few years we have seen a rise in bookings for dates where all the digits are the same. The ninth of September 2009 was especially popular with brides and groom who worked in the emergency services.

As you would expect for ...

Dec 2012

That Time of Year Again

Come the end of November, start of December we start digging out the boxes of decorations and the Christmas trees.

With decorations to go up in the restaurant's function rooms, reception and the Forge there is plenty of festive fun for the staff as they add that Christmas touch to all the various areas.

As happens every year in almost every household the lights for the Christmas tree refused to work prompting a shopping trip in search of replacements.