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Sep 2012

Who Cares about the Weather

Whatever time of year you plan your wedding for, there is one thing that you cannot control.The Great British weather!!

You may get washed out in Summer, scorched in Spring or blown away through Autumn and Winter. You can be soaked, sunburnt or windswept yet nothing that the weather can do will be able to spoil your special day.

Typically British weather can see a dramatic change in the weather over a short space of time. One minute it can be throwing it down and suddenly the clouds will disappear and the sun will come out.

Sep 2012

The Confetti Shower

After emerging from their wedding ceremony as man and wife the happy couple are usually showered with confetti by their guests.

The wedding photographer will standing ready and will be able to capture a stunning image of bride and groom being showered with confetti.

Today we use paper or metallic effect confetti as well as dried flowers. Traditionally though, Confetti is the Italian name for sweets, which in Italy are thrown over the couple as they emerge from the church. Before the use of paper confetti the happy couple was showered with petals, grain or rice. ...

Sep 2012

Arranging Your Wedding Cake

Check out these top tips to help you arrange your wedding cake.


  • If you are fortunate enough to know someone who can bake you a wedding cake take advantage of this and either have the cake made for a small fee or ask them to provide a cake in lieu of a wedding present.
  • Don't just stick to a fruit cake because of tradition. If you want a tier made of chocolate sponge instead, go for it.
  • Supermarkets often sell celebration cakes at a fraction of the price which bakers charge. All you have to do ...