Wedding Blog

Jun 2012

The Dreaded Speech

The speeches after a wedding meal are an important part of the celebrations.

The bride's father will welcome the groom into his family and talk about his daughter, the groom will reply on behalf of himself and his wife, thank the guests for coming and the bridesmaid's and best man for their help. The best man is tasked with thanking the groom on behalf of the bridesmaids. He will also read out some of the cards, emails and telegrams received. The best man will also talk about the groom and may well share a few embarrassing stories.

Jun 2012

Music to Your Ears

Rather than having a CD playing after the ceremony, some couples will ask bagpiper Craig Irving to play some traditional tunes on his smallpipes.

The smallpipes create a wonderfully emotive sound which reverberates around The Mill Forge, creating a marvellous atmosphere.

Also pictured is Hazel Carpenter playing her saxophone while the wedding photographer is taking pictures of the happy couple and their guests.


Jun 2012

Unusual Wedding Guests

Animal loving couples sometimes bring their beloved pets to join in the ceremony. We quite often have dogs wearing a little bow tie or their own little suit.

Other couples have been known to bring a stuffed animal to represent the pets they have left at home.


Jun 2012

Wedding Cakes with a Difference

Here at The Mill Forge we see a wide variety of wedding cakes ranging from traditional one, two or three tier wedding cakes to more elaborate designs such as fairytale castles and cup-cake towers.

Cake toppers can be anything from sugarcraft flowers to caricatures of the bride and groom and their children or in some cases their pets.

There is no right or wrong cake to bring to Gretna Green. Whether a simple design or a more elaborate creation, every cake is personal and special to the bride and groom.