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Apr 2012

Farewell Donna…

It's always sad to say goodbye to one of our friends and colleagues, especially when they have been a valued member of our team for over eight years. So we all went out for a meal and some drinks last night to wish Donna well - and let her know how much we're going to miss her.

She's moving on from working with brides and grooms to working with toddlers - a very natural progression some might say! And as Donna is a busy wife and mother, the hours will suit her better and give her school holidays off. ...

Apr 2012

May the best man win...

This groom and his best man found an unorthodox way to fill in some time while waiting for the bride to arrive.

However, it doesn't look like a very even contest - and the best man has obviously lifted his elbow off the anvil. Unfair ref!!!


Apr 2012

Meet Craig the piper.

Craig has been been playing the bagpipes since he was seven years old and always knew this was what he wanted to do when he grew up. He now makes his living by piping brides and grooms to of their wedding ceremonies in and around Gretna Green.

He's a real practical joker and keeps everyone on their toes.

He was a little stumped the other day when a bride asked if he could play Mull of Kintyre as they walked to the chapel as it had been her grandmother's favourite tune. It was a tune he hadn't ...