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Feb 2012

We love our brides!

Be they traditional, tall, tiny or tickled pink .
Blonde, brunette, brushed or back-combed.

With friends, family, flower-girls, footloose or fancy-free.
A bit shy, short, showy or shaking
Quiet, quick, quarrelsome or quirky...

We love them all.


Feb 2012

Who says romance is dead!!

Each year in Britain, we spend around £503m on cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts for Valentine's Day. Traditionally these were sent anonymously, but nowadays we often make it clear who is sending each 'Valentine'

It is said Spring begins on St Valentine's Day, the day on which birds chose their mates.

This year it is also the day that 7 couples exchange their vows over the Anvil in The Mill Forge.

Will You Be Mine?
Valentine, you make me silly;
You make my heart beat willy-nilly;
When I'm with you, the world is hazy;
Valentine, you ...

Feb 2012

Early flowers

The first snowdrops have appeared at The Mill Forge and they make a very welcome sight, reminding us that Spring is just around the corner.

Did you know that another name for a snowdrop is Candlemas bell? And how appropriate that I'm uploading this photo today because Candlemas is 2nd February!

Just for the record, snowdrops are also known as Mary's taper, Snow piercer, February fairmaids and Dingle-dangles!



Feb 2012

Drinks on demand…

Here's Nikki, one of our wonderful Duty Managers, doing what she does best. She's ready and waiting for a wedding party to arrive after their ceremony in The Mill Forge and I'm sure she'll be a very welcome sight.

Although her job involves lots of running around and sometimes quite long hours, Nikki's not complaining: "It's so pleasant to be able to serve happy, smiling customers all the time. The wedding parties are always in the mood to celebrate. There's quite a sense of relief after the actual ceremony is over and everyone is ready to have a drink ...