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Nov 2011

Autumn Colour

The Mill Forge gardens are struggling to hold on to their autumn colours.

The last leaves are just managing to hold on after a couple of night's ground frost.
Winter is just round the corner......


Nov 2011


I'm happy to report that Halloween passed at The Mill Forge with no nasty surprises or supernatural goings-on - just a full quota of brides and grooms enjoying their own very special day.

However, soon afterwards I heard rumours of an 'unusual' cake which appeared in the function room.... We're not exactly sure where it came from or who it was meant for, but I think you'll agree it is rather spooooky!!!


Nov 2011


We have six couples taking their vows in The Forge today.

There's no excuse for the husbands we marry today to forget their wedding anniversary.

Not only "a memorable date" - but Remembrance Day as well !!!


Nov 2011

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November.

As the bonfires are being set alight across the country.......

We have lit the match for five happy couples today at The Mill Forge.
May all your marriages sparkle with excitement and rocket to success!!


Nov 2011

Smoking Shelter.

Our latest addition to The Mill is our new Smoking Shelter. A covered area at the conservatory bar door where our guests can sit outside in comfort.

The workmen were being ably assisted by Benny, one of our Chefs on his day off.
Benny just could not resist the temptation to monkey around once he saw me with the camera!!