Wedding Blog

Jul 2011

Hidden surprise

A beautiful young woman floated up the aisle looking every inch the conventional bride. Her proud husband-to-be looked over his shoulder and smiled at her. Their friends and family sat down and the minister began the wedding ceremony. Nothing unusual here, I hear you say...

But as the happy couple reached the door of the Mill Forge as man and wife, the bride looked towards me and winked. She raised the hem of her dress and nodded towards her feet ... "It's the rebel in me" she whispered!


Jul 2011

Today is a day you will always remember

Today is a day you will always remember
the greatest in anyone's life.
You'll start off the day just two people in love
and end it as Husband and Wife.

It's a brand-new beginning, the start of a journey,
with moments to cherish and treasure
and although there'll be times when you both disagree
these will surely be outweighed by pleasure.

You'll have heard many words of advice in the past
when the secrets of marriage were spoken,
but you know that the answers lie hidden inside
where the bond of true love lies unbroken.

Jul 2011

Cutest little page boy and flower girl

Just seen the cutest little page boy and flower girl in the world!

They were really good during the ceremony but were very excited by all the confetti when they got outside and started fighting over who could collect the most. Thankfully, peace was restored in time for the photographs!


Jul 2011

A family member married at The Mill Forge

Spencer, son of the owners Mr & Mrs Smith, was married to his sweetheart Sarah recently in the The Mill Forge with a religious ceremony performed by Jack Strachan.

After Piper Craig Irving had escorted everyone into the Forge they exchanged vows over the anvil in front of family and friends.

Not even the torrential rain could dampen the atmosphere - The smiles on many happy faces chased away the clouds, long enough for photographer Colin to grab a few shots in the gardens.

A party at The Mill in the evening was the chance for everyone ...